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“Currently, medicines have many uses and many treatments for common diseases. May use medicine or go to hospital for treatment. We should not use animal parts to protect them. ”

(Nguyen Thi Hoai, 22 years old, Hanoi)


“I am a student, I personally think that tigers should not be used for healing, and all tallness of other animals. The use of tigers means you are abetting bad deeds and gradually losing the survival of this animal. The use of tigers occurs when hunters will increasingly hunt, seek and kill because of its high value. The use of tigers will lead to widespread use and great impact, misuse of tigers leads to health effects if used incorrectly. Firmly say no to the use of tiger tigers and some other types of animals. ”


(Phan Thi Oanh, 18 years old, Nghe An)



“Cao tigers are not a panacea. It is advisable to thoroughly understand the relatives' illnesses as well as the ingredients of the medicine. Find ways to convince people by scientific basis. Mobilizing family members is not allowed to use high tiger because it is a violation of the law. Protecting wildlife is protecting nature, protecting our lives ”

(Nguyen Thi Hai Yen, 22 years old, Hanoi)


“Understanding and persuading relatives should not use tiger tigers. I will inform the tiger seller hotline for my relatives. Science has evolved, today's medicine is also very advanced, I will advise my relatives to go to the hospital and maybe they will not use tigers anymore. ”

(Duong Thi Hoa, 22 years old, Hanoi)


“I would advise my family not to use tiger tigers because tigers are one of the rare animals. We need to protect and condemn wildlife consumption. At the same time, to conserve precious genetic resources, we can also use other drugs instead of tigers. ”

(Nguyen Thi Hong, 22 years old, Hanoi)


“Although there are many people who think that tiger is the best cure, but the first trade is illegal, second opinion is not right, people only believe in it without knowing it. I myself never use products like python, monkey ... But the animals are increasingly hunted and extinct. I will try to spread the word to everyone. ”

(Le Thi Thanh Minh, 20 years old, Hanoi)


“I will encourage my family and explain to my relatives that the purpose and the method being used are wrong and violate the law, encourage and encourage everyone in the family in particular, friends and society in general. join hands to protect wildlife, for a balanced world, providing hotline 1800 1522 for people to report violations ”

(Ha Thi Kim Dung, 22 years old, Thai Binh)


“In my opinion it is a wrong action and it is still a violation of the law. In addition, no organization has said and demonstrated that tigers can cure the disease. So I will stop that behavior and learn more about wildlife to spread to everyone in the family as well as friends. ”

(Lam Van Dinh, 24 years old, Hanoi)


“Tigers are endangered animals. The hunting of this animal is against the law. If my family wants to use tigers for healing, I will give information about this animal and its endangered status. I believe that the information I understand and read will convince my relatives not to use shame and propagate to the whole community. ”

(Nguyen Thi Phuoc, 21 years old, Hue)


“Analysis shows that a tiger is a wildlife that needs to be protected. More importantly, sick people have a doctor. Go to the hospital, if the doctor cannot cure the disease, it means that the tiger cannot be able to do it. Using tigers is a violation of the law, subject to the State's punishment for that. ”

(Chu Duc Manh, 20 years old, Hanoi)


“There is no scientific research to prove that tigers can cure the disease, it is only belief but not in reality. Today with the development of medicine there will be many other cures. ”

(Ho Thi Quynh Lien, 24 years old, Quang Tri)


“Helping everyone in the family understand that it is not the best remedy for cure. If people deliberately seek tigers can be considered as violating the law on wildlife protection, they can be fined VND 500 million and imprisoned for 5-7 years. ”

(Nguyen Thi Hue, Hanoi)


“Wildlife trafficking is an urgent issue that has been a concern of society. I myself think that wildlife protection is very necessary and should be conducted thoroughly and effectively. We should advocate to raise awareness of the dangers of wildlife hunting and trafficking and wildlife law violations. We should have the most severe punishments to deter people and remember the hotline 1800 1522 to promptly notify us when we find out. "

(Tran Thien Truong, 23 years old, Ha Nam)


“First I will object to the opinions of my relatives and will analyze so that everyone understands that the act violates the law. Because wildlife hunting, trading and slaughtering endangers rare and endangered animals, it can cause extinction for wildlife. Moreover, this is an urgent issue which is of great concern to our country and will have appropriate penalties for violators. So everyone please raise awareness to protect wildlife. And despite being sick, there are many other effective treatments, not necessarily tigers. ”

(Luong Thuy Linh, 20 years old, Hanoi)


“First I will explain and take my family members to the hospital for treatment. I analyzed them so that they could understand that the new hospital was the best place to treat and care for the sick, and told them that when I used tigers, they unintentionally indirectly faced wildlife wildlife. with the risk of extinction and losing the balance of nature. This will cause changes in the environment and make it more and more extraordinary when there is no balance in nature, which will have serious consequences. ”

(Tran Van Hoa, 22 years old, Nam Dinh)


"Can not. Practical science has proven that using these types of products is a risk of other infectious diseases. Propagating to let people know that using tiger tigers is not a cure. "

(Nguyen Van Thi, 21 years old, Hanoi)


"It is very difficult to know the origin of the tigers, whether it is really the tigers or if it is a complex of other animal products," he said. If the height of the tigers is ill or brewed, it will produce substances that are harmful to the body, then drinking it will not only reduce the disease but also get worse. ”

(Vu Van Tinh, 34 years old, Hanoi)


"I think the health of loved ones is very important. But being important does not mean being able to use high animals to treat diseases, especially rare animals. So I will try to convince everyone in "The family is aware of how endangered animals are. And propagandizing them should avoid high use of rare animals, contributing to the protection of wildlife."

(Pham Thi Le Ngan, 23 years old, Hai Phong)


Will advise: Tiger is a rare and endangered animal. When we use a little tiger, we kill how many tigers. And are many such users good? And if there are more users in the future, what other tigers exist?

(Phan Thi Huynh My, 20 years old, HCM)


I will tell my brothers about advanced scientific methods of treatment. Telling them that using wildlife products is wrong. Wildlife also has the same life as humans.

(Nguyen Van Duy, 19 years old, HCM)


Using tiger high is not right. Because tigers are just traditional medicine, there is no cure. I will advise people to go to the hospital for proper treatment. Propagating to people to protect wildlife.

(Nguyen Hoang Tan, 16 years old)


I will raise the awareness of my relatives: The human knowledge is improving day by day. Most of the concept of using tiger to cure is backward, stupid. We must live not only for us but also for society. Any act of hunting tigers as a cure is against the law and goes against the rules of nature. In the future, I hope everyone thinks about the alarm bells and stops hunting wildlife for their own benefit.

(Do Ngoc Kim Tuyen, 18 years old, HCM)


I will explain to them about not using tiger tigers. Because tigers are an animal about to become extinct in Vietnam. Because of the lack of knowledge about wildlife, people want to use tigers to cure. Because people are in need, those who want to make money mercilessly catch tigers to kill and get their bones as tigers. When sick, there are many methods to treat it, so go to the hospital for examination and diagnosis.

(Quach Kim Phuong, 22 years old, HCM)


Prevent relatives not to use tigers for 2 reasons: 1- No real tigers. Just cheating to deceive money. Because there is no real tiger, it is dangerous to use. 2- tiger is also just a type of calcium, so it is possible to take medicine. Pharmaceutical stores now have many effective calcium supplements. Should listen to the advice of a doctor.

(Trinh Thi Minh Tam, 58 years old, HCM)


1- Cao tiger is not completely the maximum solution; Should not rely on folk methods because the side can be worth considering and equally dangerous. 2- It is an illegal act and does not protect rare animals. Need to think carefully and put on the comparison table of western medicine and oriental medicine, it is not necessary to spend money and effort on something so far-fetched.

(Do Minh Tuan, 16 years old, HCM)


“I am a retired official. I find the work of young people to protect the environment and Wildlife is very good and really necessary. As for the above question, I would like to answer that no matter what, I would advise family members not to use it, not for personal gain, but to destroy the national and ecological interests that nature has bestowed (say not with wildlife even though it is in return for your life). ”

(Nguyen Van Diep, 63 years old, O Cho Dua, Hanoi)


“Stubbornly protesting to the end and sending the sick to the hospital for treatment, and telling everyone in the family that killing tigers to cure diseases is extremely unscientific. Tigers do nothing to harm people, let them live comfortably in the wild. Moreover, because of humans, the number of tigers has been declining. Therefore, it is utterly absurd and foolish to take tigers to cure diseases. ”

(Le Hoai Linh, 22 years old, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi)


“I would suggest that the tiger is not necessarily the best remedy for cure. The use and use of tigers to cure diseases will be an indirect act that will cause wildlife to become extinct, abetting the destruction of animals that should be protected and free in the mountains and forests. wild nature. The treatment of sick people in general and their relatives who are ill in particular does not necessarily need to be treated with tigers because now that medicine is developed, there are reliable medical facilities to be able to cure the disease. for the sick but also scientifically correct. "

(Nguyen Thi Giang, 19 years old, Thuong Tin, Hanoi)


“If a family member is ill and believes that tigers are the best remedy for a disease, I will tell my family that tigers are endangered and endangered wildlife and are undergoing legal action. Law on Forest Protection, and Law on Forest Protection and Development No. 29/2004 / QH11 prohibit wildlife hunting, catching, trapping, slaughtering, trading, using, storing and importing wildlife. Therefore, it is advisable that relatives not to use rare and precious wild animals to treat diseases, thus violating the law. "

(Phan Thi Hoai, 22 years old, Nghe An)


“Explaining to everyone in the tiger family that the red book wildlife needs protection. It will be a violation of the law under Decree 32/2006 / ND-CP on the management of endangered forest plants and animals will be fined up to 500 million and imprisoned up to 7 years (according to Article 109, revised criminal code / 2009). ”

(Do Thi Hoa, 28 years old, Co Nhue, Hanoi)


“I would advise that relatives not to use tiger tigers because it is the act of abetting the extinction of tigers, which are endangered wildlife species. At the same time, I will try to convince the person to use other remedies to treat the disease. I will also state a number of laws that are required by law to increase the validity of my argument, because the penalties for abetting wildlife products will be severely punished. . I hope that relative will change his mind and be able to recover soon. ”

(Tran Hung Linh, 17 years old, La Thanh, Hanoi)

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