Hanoi: Bear protection exhibition at Ho Tay Water Park



On June 2, a bear protection exhibition was held at Ho Tay Water Park. Through this exhibition, 310 people signed a pledge to "Say no to bear bile and bear products" and 70 participants answered questions about bear protection in Vietnam.

After the exhibition, some young people shared their opinions with ENV as follows:

"Savage! Humans are too barbaric to perform the act of sucking on honey. Bear is also a creature like many other creatures, it has feelings, knows pain. The cry of being bitten and the eyes of the video make me feel touched! ” (Pham Thi Nga, Academy of Finance, Hanoi)

“Bears are a very useful animal, we need to protect. Let's do something to protect them! ” (Vu Thanh Xuan, No. 3, Alley 79, Trieu Khuc, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi)

“Using and exploiting bear bile is extremely cruel. Bears are a rare species of nature, if illegally hunted, bear bile illegally, the bear will one day be extinct. Joining hands to protect bears is also protecting our nature. ” (Thu Van, Hoang Mai, Hanoi)


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